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Cost Comparison of Medical Treatments

In comparison to other countries, the cost of medical procedures in India is extremely affordable. With infrastructure development, the Indian Healthcare centres have evolved into multispecialty hospitals equipped with the latest machinery and pain management remedies adopted by the best hospitals in the world. The hospitals are well-managed by experienced and caring medical staff. The documentation and patient care facilities for patients are managed by well-educated management professionals. Housekeeping takes care of cleanliness and provides assistance to perform various tasks. In India, patients have access to some of the best doctors in the world who have several years of experience and are recognised abroad for their services. Medical tourists from the Middle East, Bhutan, Sri Lanka, Africa, Bangladesh, Maldives and many other nations have already taken advantage of the cost benefits by spending only a fraction of the amount on medical procedures compared to other nations. Take a look at the comparative price advantage enjoyed by foreign nationals who avail the same high-quality services in India.

Note: The cost comparison on this page is shared for indicating the price advantage. The cost of procedure mentioned on this page is not the actual price. Actual costs may vary based on various factors.

As per statistics, a person in India spends less on healthcare compared to other countries. Kindly contact Explore Health India for cost estimates related to your treatment. We will be happy to guide you. You can call us on+91 9423238203 / 9511907822  or email us at iexplorehealth@gmail.com .

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