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Indian Hospitals for Medical Treatment

Healthcare of International standards, personalised services, Patient safety, globally renowned doctors and affordable costs have strained many international patients to Indian Hospitals. The healthcare centres in India also perform the latest robotic surgeries which help patients to recover fast and return home soon. The medical specialists have sufficient experience working with diverse patients based in India and from across the world.

India’s hospitals have the best infrastructure such as Embryology labs, path labs, Assisted Reproductive Technology (ART), Laser therapy units, ICUs, High-end Operation Theatres (OTs) etc. All the best hospitals have an online hospital management system with a comprehensive database of patient records. Other facilities at these hospitals include 24-hour Emergency care centre, pharmacy, cafeteria and more.

A need for good quality and safety-oriented healthcare services is a universal desire. To live up to the expectations of people can be a challenging task for healthcare services. But to set quality standards and to recognise the ones who follow these standards, accreditation is required in societies. With accreditation, patients can identify and trust the healthcare services who ensure patient safety as per global standards. NABH and JCI are the leading global accreditations for assessing health care services.

NABH Accreditation for Hospitals


National Accreditation Board for Hospitals & Healthcare Providers (NABH) is an accreditation acquired by the best hospitals and healthcare centres in India. This accreditation is earned by hospitals based on their adherence to International Healthcare quality benchmarks set by International Society for Quality in Health Care (ISQUA).

To read more about NABH, visit their website:

Visit the following list to view the list of NABH-Accredited Hospitals in India:

JCI Accreditation


Joint Commission International (JCI) is world’s leading accreditation for highly skilled professionals ensuring quality and patient safety in the healthcare industry. This accreditation is considered a gold standard for healthcare services globally.

Learn more about JCI by visiting:


Criteria for Hospital Selection

  •  Patient safety
  • Affordable health care can be an impossible feat for many. Value for money makes it easier to assess the true quality of healthcare.
  • Hospitals with complete infrastructure including latest equipment and 24hour Emergency services
  • Doctors with International Experience

Our endeavour is to surpass patient’s expectations with our commitment, transparency, trust, confidentiality and respect. We strive to give international patients the highest standards of treatment available for them in India. The comfort and convenience of these patients is our priority.

The approachable medical tourism experts at Explore Health India can help you find the right hospitals. We can create a well-structured and personalised treatment plan as per your requirements. Call us at +91 9423238203 / 9511907822  or email us at iexplorehealth@gmail.com to start planning your treatment with us.

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