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International Patient Services

Pre-booking your appointment with our specialised doctors

After your initial free assessment, we share suggested treatment plans for your case. Based on your interest and approvals, we pre-book your appointment with the medical specialists before your arrival in India.


Foreign exchange will be arranged

Managing money in a foreign country can be a hassle. To ease our clients from those hassles, we provide foreign exchange assistance for converting your local currency to Indian Rupees.

Visa assistance & accommodation for patients and accompanying relatives

While you are preparing yourself for a medical treatment, our case manager will help you with visa formalities and a worry-free travel. We also find a suitable accommodation you and your loved ones that match your budget and your needs.

Language Translators Services

All the leading hospitals in India have the English-speaking staff to help international patients. But you may be more comfortable with another foreign language to communicate your needs better. In such cases, we help our clients by finding language translators to assist them in their communication.

Airport Pickup and Drop facility including Ambulance Service

For clients who need Airport Pickup and Drop facilities, we can make the necessary travel arrangements by coordinating with our trusted service providers. For high-risk cases, we offer Ambulance services from the airport too. You will receive the necessary details of your airport transfers prior to your arrival in India.

Coordination with patient - Own country to Hospital and from Hospital to his home

For patients who need a complete travel solution along with medical treatment services, we create a detailed itinerary for your journey from your country to India and back. Our case manager will co-ordinate with you at each step and provide personalised attention to cater to your needs.

Patient outcomes are tracked and monitored

To ensure that you receive the desired treatment and feel better soon, we keep track of your treatment plan. Monitoring your treatment helps us to rectify any errors that can lead to unwanted medical tests, unnecessary stay or escalation of costs.

Aftercare needs can be coordinated

After the surgery, you may want to stay longer or go for a post-recovery treatment plan suggested by your medical specialists. We can coordinate with the necessary service providers to help you enrol for a Yoga Retreat or Rehabilitation program based on your case history.

Post-recovery sightseeing trips can be arranged as required

When you visit a multi-cultural and diverse country like India, you may wish to explore it as a leisure traveller. After your recovery, we can coordinate sightseeing trips with our reliable travel partners to arrange leisure travel for you as required.

Advice regarding treatment options, cost estimates and duration of stay

Our in-house experts study your case and guide you. They shortlist the best hospitals in India based on your diagnosis and suggested treatment. With our strategic tie-ups with the best hospitals, we receive the cost estimates. We eliminate the need for an excess stay or unnecessary tests by constantly monitoring your treatment journey during your time in India.

Our Special Healthcare Programs

Every patient has a different set of needs and expectations from our services. While serving our clients with best healthcare services by best doctors remains our core service, we have 3 specially designed healthcare programs to suit the lifestyle of our patients.

Affordable Healthcare Program
This package is ideal if you are on a tight budget but wish for the best healthcare services at the best rates. We will try our best to give you the best budget accommodation and medical assistance to suit your budget.
Premium Healthcare Program
You may be looking for something more than just a budget accommodation. Premium treatment plans will include best-in-class healthcare services with a 3-Star Accommodation for a comfortable stay.
Deluxe Healthcare Program
For the ones with sophisticated needs, our deluxe healthcare program is best-suited. You will enjoy a pampered stay at a boutique hotel with bespoke services as per your desire.

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