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Medical and Legal Guidelines

Before you embark on a journey for medical treatment in India, it is advisable to read common guidelines to understand the regulatory frameworks and other important notifications relevant to you. You can also visit the Indian Embassy website for your country to learn more about travel guidelines related to your country. Take a look at immigration guidelines, health regulations, legal framework and other important information for travellers by visiting India’s Bureau of Immigration website: http://boi.gov.in/

Awareness is important

Every medical treatment has its own set of complexities in terms of documentation. Medical and legal guidelines are issued by each healthcare service provider based on the patient case. When you choose a hospital for treatment in India, check the license and verify the accreditation. Try to find more information about the medical specialist that you choose for the treatment. You should meet the medical specialist in person and go over the details of the treatment before the procedure/surgery. You should read and understand all the medical and legal documents shared with throughout the treatment. Because you are an international patient, you should be aware of your legal rights as a patient in India. In case of any uncertainties, you should know the pathways available to you for handling your situation. Our team is always available to assist you with the paperwork in your journey.

Medical Visa

Foreign nationals need to apply for a medical visa to visit India for healthcare services. Two relatives accompanying the patient can apply for Medical Attendant visa along with the separate visa for the patient. The visa officials will offer a medical visa only if they are convinced of your need to get a medical treatment in India. Generally, for a medical visa, the required documentation is a valid passport, relevant medical documents and a letter from the treatment hospital in India written on their official letterhead. Any additional documentation varies based on several factors such as nationality, present health condition, etc. For medical visa application and eligibility details, you can visit India’s Bureau of Immigration website is given below:

Online Visa Services for foreign nationals

Foreign nationals can avail the eVisa facility by the Indian Government to apply for a visa as per your convenience. For further details, visit:

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