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Our Policy

Explore Health India is an Indian Medical Tourism facilitator for top-class healthcare services at economical costs. We provide tailor-made and comprehensive consultancy with specialised services, personalised as per individual needs. To stay focussed on serving our clients with the best healthcare services we sincerely follow our vision, mission, philosophy and values.

Our Vision

To brighten up millions of lives with medical possibilities.

Our Mission

To provide “Right treatment, in the right hospital, at an affordable price” while maintaining the international healthcare quality standards.

Our Philosophy

We believe in the Sanskrit philosophy of “Vasudhaiva Kutumbakam – The whole world is one family”. Together, we can help our fellow humans with care and compassion while experiencing the joy of a united world.

Our Promise. Our Values.


We believe that human life being very precious as it is, needs to be treated with great care and patience.


We are compassionate – We care. We are kind. We believe in helping others.


We follow world-class service quality standards. We pay attention to every detail for client happiness and satisfaction.


We treat everyone with due respect. We follow equality principles at work.


We value the time, money and effort of the people who trust us.


We follow best practices to stay true to our ethics. We take pride in being sincere and transparent always.

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