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Patient Managment

Patient Management

  • We assign a Professionally-qualified and Knowledgeable Case Manager with experience in the medical domain, for each case.
  • We select Highly-qualified and Experienced Doctors from across India.
  • We Choose Accredited Hospitals with high-end medical technologies and state-of-the-art infrastructure, as per client requirements.
  •  We Track and Manage the entire treatment process.
  • We support each patient to Achieve the Best Results from Planned Treatment by rectifying errors and avoiding unnecessary surgeries.
  • We provide Highly Negotiated Treatment Price for the patient’s chosen healthcare program.
  • We ensure maximum convenience with the arrangement of Prompt Treatment services.
  • We Manage Medical Consultations including coordination and appointment bookings.
  • We help you with Admission and Discharge Documentation and Formalities in the hospital.
  • We Stay by your side for all surgery appointments and tests.
  •  We offer Complete Assistance with Systematic Management of treatment-related services.

High-Risk Case Management (Critical Case)

Arriving at correct diagnosis and management by a team of expert doctors remains the mainstay of high-risk case management.

Helping In Right Diagnosis

  • Through case evaluation

Explore Health India helps patients to seek multiple opinions from our carefully selected list of best doctors, as per the case requirements.

  • Arrive at accurate diagnosis and right treatment plan

Diagnosing a case depends upon history, examination findings and investigations. Diagnosis of a case may vary between two doctors. Since it is very important to have a preliminary diagnosis before surgery/treatment is planned, it is necessary to take multiple opinions. Case diagnosis and further management will be planned depending upon the opinion of the majority of doctors. This helps us to minimise the wrong diagnosis and avoid complications.


Budget-Friendly Suitable Treatment

We help you in making the treatment affordable

We receive opinions from the best doctors and the cost of treatment from the selection of the best hospitals referred for each case. Explore Health India creates a competitive environment for hospitals, which allows hospitals to provide the best possible cost. This helps us in gaining correct knowledge of cost estimates pertaining to each case.

Explore Health India provides close monitoring of the diagnosis, tests and accommodation. We ensure that patient’s costs are restricted to the specific package chosen by them. We save the costs for patients by removing additional stay and avoiding duplication of services. We offer competitive pricing by negotiating carefully with the service companies that are part of the package.

Free Assessment Before Treatment

Even before the patient arrives in India, the case will be evaluated by our In-house doctor. The patient’s case will be discussed with the expert and a suitable treatment plan will be provided to the patient.

Explore Health India has a good understanding and knowledge of the price structure of various procedures available in India.

Emotional Support/Medical Decision Making

Sometimes in life, you come across a situation, where you find out that you have just been diagnosed with a serious condition. You have to deal with the consequences and some major decisions need to be made before and during the treatment. In such an event, you may find it difficult to take the right decisions without the right information and guidance. That’s where experts of Explore Health India, along with the services of a Qualified Doctor, provide second opinion, and the personal medical case management services step in. We provide the latest, evidence-based information and the necessary guidance on the quality of care offered by leading hospitals and doctors in India, coupled with ongoing support and supervision of that treatment.

Care of a family just like home

We develop a close bond with the patient of every case that we deal with. To keep the patients extremely comfortable, we are available by the patient’s side, to support them at every step, throughout the treatment. The patients who believe in us, find the care and attention from their case manager, alike a family member, during their stay away from home.

Honest and transparent Pricing

Every patient comes to us with a different need. That’s why, the cost of our treatment packages varies for each patient. First, we understand the patient case thoroughly. Then, we carefully design the patient packages eliminating unnecessary costs without compromising the quality of our services.
Explore Health India is always transparent in pricing while sharing any quote to a customer. Our integrated package covers your entire stay in India including hospital costs, travel bookings and more. All potential costs are discussed prior to the treatment.We try our best to give you service fee waivers wherever possible by establishing strategic tie-ups with all the service providers.
Many a times, patients require additional services after package approval, or additional medical expenses may emerge during the course of treatment. In case of additional treatment requirement, we take prior approval / consent from the patient or patient’s relative before performing any procedure or surgery.

How it works?

Simply follow these steps to benefit from our competitively priced packages.

Step #1 : Patient contacts Explore Health India requesting for a free assessment.
Step #2 : We forward the case to 2 or 3 specialists for free assessment report.
Step #3 : After reviewing the free assessment, the patient chooses the specialist for treatment.
Step #4 : Next step is to choose the hospital for treatment. We have strategic tie-ups with leading healthcare centres across India. We receive quotations from our network of hospitals as per patient requirements.
Step #5 : We clearly share the best quotations with the patient.
Step #6 : The patient selects the suitable quotation for medical treatment/procedure. Similarly, we share best prices for accommodation and other services.
Step #7 : Based on patient’s request for other patient management services, we create a personalised package for the patient. We share this package with the patient for review.
Step #8 : The package is further revised based on patient’s feedback and sent for approval.

Step #9 : Post approval and acceptance of the treatment plan, the payment and documentation process for patient’s treatment begins.
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